Corporte Values


  • All employees can freely express their opinions, and they know that their opinions are valued.
  • Everybody feels himself/herself as a part of our company, and we work diligently
  • We embrace new and different opinions.
  • We consult each other, learn together, and improve our abilities.
  • Success of all leads to success of company.

Adhered to Ethical Values

  • Legal and business ethics rules are prioritized.
  • Attaches importance to the values of community which it exists in.
  • Always maintains the importance attached to the values of community.
  • Maintains a mentality that prioritizes protection, preservation of environment, and gives importance to awareness for environmental protection.

Open to Improvement, Innovative

  • Always being the best is our indispensable target.
  • The ability to quickly take positions according to market conditions and time.
  • Operates with technologic infrastructure compatible with the necessities of the time.
  • Endeavours for everybody’s development.
  • We Pioneer the change, create new markets, and set trends.


  • Our principle is to be consistent in terms of what we do and what we say.
  • Always behaves fair to its employees, customers and business partners.
  • The fair, equitable environment of confidence surrounded by the boundaries of commercial ethical rules which we have ensured with our business partners for long years have been maintained.
  • Preserves the confidence placed in it since its incorporation till now.
  • Confidentiality of personal information is our policy.
  • It is our goal to ensure permanent increase of the bar of quality at production and service stages.


  • Provides timely solutions beyond expectations in sales and after-sales services with the motto: “The Most Perfect Service” created by our customer.
  • It is of great importance to protect the confidence of our customers placed in us for long years, and avoid any acts which may damage this confidence.
  • Mutual satisfaction is at the centre of all activities.


  • Our topmost priority is our customers and consumers whose happiness we keep above all, and whose needs we attach importance.
  • Equitable, arm’s length, just transactions with all suppliers with which we cooperate.
  • We ensure social equality by ensuring justice between our employees regardless of their position and title.