GMC - EMS Comfort Ambulance


  • LED lightbars at vehicle roof and LED warning lights at both sides
  • Siren, controllable by the driver, with multimode functions
  • Antibacterial, washable, nonslip floor coating
  • Noise and heat isolation with support metal sheets
  • Single piece ABS covering, functional doctor seat, oxygen cylinder chamber, oxygen & suction system, medical device cupboard at left side
  • Single piece ABS covering, functional doctor seat, chair stretcher chamber, ability of spine board connection at right side
  • Molded system round corners
  • Equipment locker with drawers made of foamboard material, separator seat at front part of cabin
  • Single piece ABS readymade ceiling covering
  • I.V. holders and handles for staff at ceiling
  • LED fluorescent and spotlights of internal lighting system
  • Digital electrical command panel having malfunctioninforming feature, safety circuit breaker
  • Inverter, rectifier and second battery system
  • Internal communication system
  • Reflective inscriptions, stripes and logos as per customer request
  • External 220V electrical input and extension cable