Mobile Health Care Vehicle ( Bus )

Mobile healthcare vehicle designed three separate sections as patient cabin, examination room and medical observation room


  • Floor, ceiling, side panel coverings and cupboards manufactured by special materials convenient for vehicle modification
  • Medical devices and equipments designed and fixed according to their usage purposes
  • Seats for 5 staff including the driver. This compartment also has a desk for data of patients and a TV set.
  • Examination room includes refrigerator, cupboard, examination coach for gynecological purposes, defibrillator, ECG, monitoring instruments, roof lamp for surgical operations
  • Medical observation room is located in the rear of the vehicle for three patients, including a special bed for Xray operation.
  • Xray equipment, washbasin, shower cabin, WC are located in the middle of the vehicle.
  • Clean water from water tank transmitted efficiently towards WC, washbasin and shower through the centrifugal pump.
  • Waste water is transmitted and collected in waste watertank
  • Vehicle is equipped with 15 KW generator, UPS and illumination lamps operated with external mains power and can give 220 V outside