Mobile Command Control Vehicle


  • The vehicle consists of 3 sections as driver, working and storage compartment.
  • By means of diesel heater, heating can be provided even when the vehicle engine is not running
  • Cupboard system is made of MDF covered with laminate.
  • File cupboards, working table, drawers and movable seats for 3 personnel in the working compartment.
  • Cupboards for various purposes and electric sink in the storage compartment.
  • MDF floor covered with nonslip, unscratchable, washable material
  • Long distance, short distance and handheld radios are available in the vehicle
  • Television, automatic satellite antenna and video camera
  • Generator having capacity of 3,5 KW and external electric input used when required
  • Fluorescent and spot lamps for internal illumination in necessary numbers
  • Air conditioning system ensures cooling both driver cabin and working section.
  • External illumination and warning system light bar, siren,
  • Rear lightbar and side lamps
  • Vehicle electrical system controlled by a special control center placed in the working cabinet