Mobile Pulmonary - Cardiology Screening Vehicle

Health screening vehicle designed as per customer requests has features below


  • Room walls covered with heat and noise isolation material
  • Cupboards, tables, and drawers made of foamboard material at convenient spaces in rooms
  • Independent heater system suitable with vehicle specifications
  • Independent air conditioning system in all rooms
  • Water resist, antibacterial floor coating on whole vehicle floor
  • Automatic hydraulic fixing and leveling system functions when vehicle is parked
  • Telephone system enabling communication between rooms
  • External 220 volt electricity input, extension cable and internet sockets
  • Clean & waste water tanks, water fittings installation
  • Travelling seats and resting areas for staff
  • Lead coverings in x-ray room walls matching international standards (ILO)
  • Floor ventilation aspirator
  • Digital x-ray device and accessories
  • Lung statif and digital flat panel detector
  • Digital printer for x-ray films
  • Leaded wearings for staff
  • Patient examination coach and accessories
  • Lift system for handicapped patients